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This section contains the following options:

  1. Unique ID
  2. Start Date – Set the start date for the project.
  3. Timezone – Set timezone for the project.
  4. City – Set the city for the project.
  5. County
  6. Province – Set the province for the project.
  7. Country – Set the country for the project.
  8. Address – Set the address for the project.
  9. Latitude – Set the latitude for the project. Specify Latitude as an integer.
  10. Longitude – Set the longitude for the project. Specify Longitude as an integer.
  11. Before Photo – Set the image for the project before.
  12. After Photo – Set the image for the project after.
  13. Project Value – Set the value for the project.
  14. Project Status – Select the status of the project. Options include: None, Completed, On Hold, Dropped.
  15. Pro Project – Enable to define the project as Pro Project.
  16. Permit Number
  17. Customer Name – Set the customer name for the project.
  18. Post Method – Select the post method for the project. Options include: Manual, Profolio API.